Athlete Connect


Access on mobile apps, multiple devices; mobile ready

Athlete Connect's API and developer program provide a gateway to an extensive array of opportunities, making our wealth of sports-related data and insights accessible to a wide range of organizations and individuals. Through our exclusive white-label access, users can seamlessly integrate our database into their platforms, delivering comprehensive athlete and sports data directly to their audiences. This licensing opportunity opens the door for businesses, organizations, and academic institutions to leverage our data to enhance their offerings and services, ensuring a dynamic and informed approach to sports-related projects.

Our API, accompanied by a detailed developer's guide, enables users to customize their product or service offerings by harnessing the power of our database. This level of customization ensures that organizations can tailor their solutions to meet their unique needs and align them with their branding. Athlete Connect also offers the flexibility of consulting support for those who require assistance in integrating the database into their systems, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal use of our data.

With these offerings, Athlete Connect's API and developer program serve as a versatile resource for businesses, developers, and academic institutions, fostering innovation and informed decision-making in the realm of sports. Whether it's white-label access, database licensing, or tailored solutions, Athlete Connect empowers users to unlock the potential of sports data for their unique applications and projects.