Athlete Connect

Sports Agent Elite

In-depth discussions on key areas of the sports agent world

This course expands on the introductory course, The Sports Agent Experience, and examines additional topics that are relevant in the athlete representation business. Students will learn how to apply the core principles from the introductory course to athletes in non-team sports such as golf, tennis, and the Olympics. An extensive overview of the global aspect of the sports agent field will be introduced, including cricket, rugby, and soccer.

Students will dive into the fundamentals and regulations of the professional sports drafts and learn how to prepare their clients for professional playing careers in North America. Managing an athlete's business affairs requires paying attention to detail, and topics such as post career planning and public relations will be given special attention in this course. Students will learn about principles and components of sports contracts, particularly player agent contracts, player team contracts, and athlete marketing contracts. Various real player team contracts will be broken down and analyzed. Finally, how does one create a sports agency? Sports agent business plan details for boutique and larger agencies will be explored.