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Breaking Down the CBA

Interpreting collective bargaining agreements in sports

Collective bargaining agreements, in professional sports, are the agreements reached between a particular league's players and the league owners. A league's collective bargaining agreement establishes specific elements of how the league will operate, such as: division of league revenues, team salary caps, free agency requirements, restrictions on player mobility, provisions regarding the drafting of players, disciplinary rules, and other general regulations of the league.

This course allows for students to break down and analyze each professional sports league's collective bargaining agreement. It also allows for students to understand how each league will operate and the nuances involved with each respective agreement. Many of the leagues incorporate their constitution and bylaws into these agreements. Each league is similar in some respects, yet different in other ways with respect to the authority for players, owners, team officials, and agents.

Although collective bargaining agreements are examined in the introductory course, The Sports Agent Experience, this course dissects each and every part of the major sports collective bargaining agreements in its entirety. Thus, this course is very comprehensive and robust and includes practice scenarios with right and wrong answers and the reasoning behind it.